Diamonds in the ROUGH

Has anyone else noticed how hard it is to find a friendship that is worth a darn? I have an idea of what kind of friendships I want in my life (with knowledge that I have to be open minded), but no one seems to be up to the task! Why is it so hard to be loyal, outgoing, open, honest, fun, etc.? I don’t get it! It’s like my age group is one of two extremes….married with children (married part is cool cause I am too! But the constant need of a babysitter is like dang…guess we can’t hang with them tonight!) or they are party hardy! (I enjoy a nice glass of wine like the next person…but I don’t live for blacking out and throwing up). Where is the in between!? The percentage of people like me? Young, married, likes to chill (not too crazy, but not a snooze feat either), and can talk about any and everything without shying away? I didn’t think it would be that hard to find….boy am I wrong! It’s rough out there, and every time I think I found a match….something doesn’t quite fit. I waited 19 years to find my husband…and 5 more just to marry him. Am I gonna have to do the same to find a friend? Maybe I really am asking too much….or maybe it really is time to have a baby like everyone keeps telling me, so I can have play dates. Ugh! Making babies to make friends?? Nah, that’s not the right reason. Guess I will keep waiting for my diamond in this ROUGH world….I just hope she doesn’t take as long as my husband did….

Until next time…I need to keep living life on the plus side, and hope I will befriend someone else does too!!!!


Challenge of the day! #2

I need to do more of these challenges!!! They help me personally, and I have gotten feedback that it helps others too!!! So here you go!!!

The challenge of the day: break a bad habit! (It will take more than one day…but still do it anyway!)

Bad habits are terrible way to find comfort in negative situations. If your stressed cause of work or relationships (whatever!!)…find comfort in something else that’s positive. Stop smoking and pick up yoga, stop biting your nails and give yourself a manicure, don’t hop in bed with the first person you see and have a ladies (or fellas) night in. Stop drinking so much and have a date day with your kids! We have picked up so many bad habits (big and small), that we then start to neglect the good things in our lives….and the good is where you draw your energy, hope, and joy from!!!! So break that bad habit! And start to live life on the plus side!!!!!!!



Today I am taking charge of my life! I accept and love who I am, but I know that I could use a little touch up. So to achieve my greatness, to I restart my turbo fire program. I don’t want to be a size two…I want to be me. And being me is GREAT!

Until next time. Keep living a great life on the plus side!!!!

20? 30? I don’t know anymore!

I sit and think all the time about who I am, and what I want out of life. And it feels like such a “serious” conversation to have with myself. I think about it, freak out, and decide to think about or do something else. I am 25 years old! Do I really need to have that talk with myself? As much as I want to avoid it, the answer is an inevitable yes. Coming to terms with life makes me feel older than my years. I want to be carefree and irresponsible! I want to make mistakes and people say “she is young, she has got time to learn”, when did 25 become extremely responsible adult, wise in all things they do….no longer too naive to know better?? Now life is full of “who am I?”, “what is my destiny?”, and “what is my plan?”. Growing up, I used to here about all the shenanigans that 20+ year olds caused…not any more. 20 is raising families, budgeting bills, buying homes, finishing college to start a career. I want my careless years, not stressful years! When the hell did 20 become the new 30!?!? I didn’t get the memo!!!!

Romance doesn’t only belong in fairy tales

When we look at ourselves in a negative light, we create a dark cloud over our own heads for everyone else to see. It’s like have a big sign on your forehead that says “I don’t love myself, so run away cause I can’t love you either”….and we all know you can’t truly let someone love you until you love yourself first! But having that once in a lifetime love is part of our “dreams” when planning out our lives. Double edge sword? Yeah! I don’t know about you, but having love in my life is the most important thing, and now that I have it…I can’t imagine my life without it!

How do you love yourself first? Step one, read my previous blogs!!!! I have already told you! Step two, apply it!!!!! Ah!!!! Two steps and you will start to see the beautiful creation that is you! So, now that we have taken care of that….lets get to the real stuff! ROMANCE. Movies make it look so easy, but it’s not lol! It takes thought, sacrifice and a little creativity!!!!

First things first….embrace your version of sexy. For me, I feel my sexiest after a refreshing shower, a clean (no makeup) face, shaved legs, and my favorite silk pjs on! I feel like superwoman! Your sexy can and will be something different! Wearing your brand new suit, that hot pair of shoes, after a hair appointment, etc!

Next, don’t be afraid to be over the top! Seriously sprinkle rose petals on the floor, candle light dinners, picnic in the park, late night swimming!!!! But try things other than dinner and a movie! That’s not sexy!!!! That’s a meeting!!! Date your spouse!!! Really put heart into it, that will keep the fire burning!

Ok, now that you have found your sexy and you are really dating your spouse…learn to be intimate. I’m not talking sex (even though that is a beautiful way to express intimacy), I am talking mentally, emotionally and physically (in another way). Did you know that when you look your partner in the eye, uninterrupted, while they speak to you they feel ten times more connected? Running your fingers through their hair is another intimate action (one of my favorites, so women stop being stuck up about your hair! Let them do it!). Telling each other what you want and what you need creates an honesty intimacy that is so raw and flat out Sexy. Don’t hold back, your partner is there to make sure you are happy…and when they come to you, keep an open mind so you can reciprocate. When you do these things, you truly become naked in your relationship.

Being naked (literally and metaphorically) is the scariest thing to do because you don’t know if they will like what they see…but it’s the only way to have that once in a lifetime love. If they high tail it the other way, they don’t deserve your nakedness….if they stay and embrace all that you have to bare, then you are truly blessed, loved and lucky as hell!!!!

Until next time, keep living your sexy, romantic, once in a lifetime life on the plus side!!!!

Make it count!!!!


Give yourself a goal to make the best of everyday! Create mini challenges, like trying a new food, instead of sleeping in wake up and see the sun rise, strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, play hookie, go on a picnic, or whatever!!!!! Then if we are blessed enough to wake up tomorrow….do it again!!! We get so caught up trying to “make a living” that we forget to live!!!! So live it up, and then share your story! You may inspire someone else to explore life! After all they do say that having a joy for life is contagious, and that is a “disease” I am willing to catch!

My personal challenge?? Small act of kindness to someone in need!!!!

Until next time, keeping living life FULLY on the plus side!!!!